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Yantras are extremely powerful Vedic talismans. They, with their specific shapes and geometric patterns, collect, harbor and transmit positive and divine energy.

The concept of concentration of the spiritual energy and ‘Prana’ energy using ‘the Form Energy’ principle forms the basis of the talismans called Yantras.

Eastern philosophies assert that each shape in the Universe emits a certain energy. The Yantras make use of the shapes, known to emit good and harmonious energies – concentrating and channelizing them from the Universe.

Thus, the Yantras can also be called as the secret keys helping us establish a resonance with the positive energies of the entire macrocosm. Yantras, when attuned, energized and worshipped regularly with proper Mantras chanting, can put one in contact with extremely elevated energies.

Among the Yantras, Shree Yantra is one of the most beneficial and powerful Yantra. It can usually be used by anyone, at any stage of life.