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Today’s turbulent economic environment has changed the way that employers find candidates for jobs. Instead of the traditional approach – hiring a person who is qualified for a job – they’re turning to a new strategy called “talent staffing.” As a result of this, millions of dedicated and capable people workers are finding themselves unsuccessful in their job searches and unable to figure out why. They need to realize that the rules of the employment game have changed.

In the past, employers were willing to hire workers, and then train them to do a particular job. Today, however, they want to employ individuals who already have all of the skills to do a job, as well as the state-of-the-art knowledge required to use those skills effectively. These employers also accepted that only a few hires would exceed their expectations. But in today’s job market, anything less than superior performance is unacceptable. Because of this, the practice of talent staffing has developed to help identify so-called “persons of talent,” who can contribute to a company’s success from day one.